Saturday, September 28, 2013

Biography of Narendra modi

NARENDRA MODI's short history
Narendra Modi was born in vadnagar.In his childhood he joined in R.S.S. , R.S.S. means "Rashtriya Svyamsevak Sang".
He help poor people. He is very brilliant man and eligeble for this big job.His speech is very sharp and interestable.Every gujarati proud of him.His party is B.J.P. means "Bhartiya Janta Party".BJP is one of the biggest political party in INDIA. He started "vibrant gujarat" programme and invited many buisenessmen from the world,many buisenessmen invested their money in gujarat.In "vibrant gujarat 2009" buisenessmen invesed up to Rs. 3000 crore. After investment many poor people can got jobs in factories,meal etc.

In Navratri(garba),Utarayan(kite festival) gujarat govt. organize programe. In Utarayan(kite festival) worlds bigest and beautiful kites  fly in ahmedabad kite festival.
Narendra modi's govt. build many projects like B.R.T.S.(Bus Rapid Transport Service) ,Reverfrunt at sabarmati etc. and they taken a "Tata nano project" from west bengal.
Amitabh Bachchan is a Brand ambesador of Gujarat tourism because of humble request of narendra modi.
In today,he is called as FUTURE PM OF INDIA,because BJP announced him as a P.M. Candidate of B.J.P. , Most of youngsters of india are a big fan of Narendra modi,just because of his speech,attitude and his work.
If Narendra modi will be a Future P.M. of india,than INDIA and it's foreign policies will be changed from silent to aggresive,Because MODI believe in kill the enemy not ignore the enemy.